To hire a game developer who knows the score and has time-proven expertise, you have to dedicate much effort, facing multiple challenges. However, this is the case where you should not complete this stage on your own if you are familiar with a studio that already has at hand everything you need. The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries and COVID seems to have no impact on it. It is quite obvious that game developers are in demand as well due to this very reason. If you are planning to scale your Game developing team, try Turing. It makes hiring easy for companies by offering vetted remote Game developers for a Silicon Valley bar at half the price.

Hence the constant demand for VR/AR/MR skilled game developers continues to grow. Production is known as the dynamic and active game development stage. Most of the time, effort, and resources spent developing video games are during this step. But if the team responsibly approaches the previously described phases, no serious problems will arise here.

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It happens because the game development timeline is always tense, so every customer prioritizes its stages differently. The popularity of game development has grown in the past years. The authors of the NewZoo review admit that the games market generated total revenues of $180.3 billion in 2021.

Where can I hire a freelance game developer?

Riseup Labs’ PC game development team consists of game designers, artists, producers, developers, and QA engineers. These experts build PC games for Windows, macOS, and Linux. So, hire game developers skilled in Unity, Unreal Engine, and CryEngine to build addicting PC games. Our offshore unity game developers from India are dedicated, highly skilled and have experience in developing games for mobile phones, web platforms, and gaming consoles.

game coders for hire

He is passionate about researching cutting-edge technology, creating real-time, high-performance software, and optimizing complex systems. If you are looking to hire a unity app developers team, then Quytech is the right choice. With app development, you can easily get entire control over your business. Quytech is highly popular for creating a niche in different industries.

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With colorful characters and engaging gameplay, this Unity app teaches you to stay focused and achieve your long-term goals. ITechArt creates graphic-rich 2D and 3D games for mobile, web, and desktop — all distinguished by high speed, performance, and profitability. Once concepts are selected and a roadmap is prepared, we move into asset code production.

game coders for hire

Porting, refactoring, and any other platform adaptations are also executed. IOS, Android, cross-platform — we’ve built hundreds of apps from the ground up over the past 19 years. Our engineers and artists are known for their exacting attention to detail. Hyperlink values quality and provides 100% bug free application with no compromisation in it.

What if I want to bring development in-house?

With the aid of a 3D toolset the design foresight is possible for the client with an appealing tool. Many companies rely on remote programmers, however, the outsourcing model is not perfect. Poor communication, lack of attention to the company’s culture, insufficient business analysis, and poor technical documentation are the main risks of IT outsourcing. The cost of hiring offshore developers depends on a specific country. This market is rather overheated, and rates change every month.

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The 10 Best Indie Developer Communities for Game Projects.

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If you are searching for a quality game developer, Stack Overflow Jobs can help you find the right person for the job. You can post a description of your project and specify that you want a game developer with prior experience. While the process is tedious for developers, for those, who are searching for a game developer, finding the right person is much easier than it may seem. Potential clients can let the site know what they are looking for and the type of technology they are working with.

Harness the power of an agile team to build real-world, open-world, FPS, TPS styled games. Build interactive games on multiple platforms, including NFT game development, with a team of well-equipped remote developers. The gaming industry is also one of the most desired ones to work in by developers. This is caused by the fact that many IT experts got interested in technology and coding because of their early love for video games. Even nowadays, according to the aforementioned Stack Overflow survey, 15% of developers tend to play games when they get stuck at work.

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In general, when hiring freelance Game developers through Arc, they typically charge between $60-100+/hour . To get a better understanding of contract costs, check out our freelance developer rate explorer. I’ve worked on multiple platforms, with multiple frameworks, and a wide range of lan… Focus on your project and enjoy support from your dedicated account executive and expert talent matcher. All of our talent are seasoned experts who ramp up quickly, readily contribute as core team members, and work with you to minimize onboarding time. As a Toptal qualified front-end developer, I also run my own consulting practice.

  • The client appreciated their ability to bring ideas, thoughts, and solutions to the table.
  • However, if you keep the information above in mind, it will be easier for you to find the best game developers for any upcoming project.
  • He is passionate about shaping the world with technology.
  • Smaller mobile games or indie games are often work of micro teams where there are only two or three programmers.
  • From there, we can either part ways, or we can provide you with another expert who may be a better fit and with whom we will begin a second, no-risk trial.

Unlike many technologies today, games do not discriminate against any generation. They bring joy to people of all ages, genders, and demographics. Photon is a networking engine & multiplayer platform that is self-contained.

How do you keep my mobile application and its data safe?

It is cool when famous tech companies are getting involved. Smart contracts can also be made with the help of this technology and this is much more than one imagined that it would do. Surprisingly enough, it has also found great acceptance in the world of mobile app development. Full-stack developers, PMs, QA testers – everything you need for successful Unity game development. They are all ready and waiting for you to give them instructions regarding the new Unity game.

game coders for hire

Colleagues who have tried the app appreciate its quality. They do a good job of analyzing the project, asking questions, & accommodating my needs. We designed and developed Augmented Reality Apps for Newspaper for one of our prestigious clients. This AR app helps to bring publication’s content to live by adding a digital element to the printed material… We have successfully developed an AR solution for eye care brand.

Some of the top companies that hire Game developers are Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Ubisoft, among others. If you are looking for the best Game developers who are willing to work in your timezone, try Turing deep jobs platform. Turing also offers developers based on tech stack and seniority. Aspired will employ a modular and tried-and-true technological stack for your game development project. Things are different with permanent (full-time) software developers, who have annual salary expectations you’ll get up front and can negotiate. The salary for a Game developer can vary greatly, depending on their years of experience, related technical skills, education, country of residence, and other factors.

As a result, ensure maximum player loyalty and satisfaction to expand your user base. Whatever type of game you are developing, try to find and hire game developers who have already built a similar product. They will already have a handful of solutions to help you speed up the development process.


Then, you might be looking to capitalize on its popularity by making the game available on multiple platforms. You can hire game developers from Riseup Labs to port your games from one platform to another. We ensure your game is ported over seamlessly with native controls and resolution adjustments. To create a game, you need not only an idea, but a team of specialists, the number of which can vary depending on the size of the project. Sometimes for a simple mobile game it is enough to hire game developers, and sometimes a large RPG for PC may require you to search for a whole game studio for hire.

Online game development communities like TIGSource, IndieDB give you the ability to post your job and provide access to the profiles of their community members. The profiles are not verified and overall appear to provide incomplete data, but nevertheless, contain information on the skills and projects of their members. The gaming industry experienced sustainable growth over the years and continues to develop due to the COVID-19 impact on indoor activities. According to NewZoo, the worth of the video gaming industry was $159.3 Billion in 2020. Such change affects the demand for professionals in the field. It becomes harder for game companies to hire a skilled engineer or designer as competition is pretty high.

Also, compared to many of the other sites, here you can find more affordable rates. Hire experts from Riseup Labs and make your desired software applications with the trending eCommerce technologies. game developer for hire Riseup Labs measure dedicated team productivity metrics and KPIs and monitor the product’s quality to cover delivery management and support startups with an individual program.

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The solution they produced was fairly priced and top quality, reducing our time to launch. Toptal makes connecting with superior developers and programmers very easy. It is the longest, however, the most active game development phrase. You should meticulously follow the game design document you agreed upon before to avoid risks. After that, you create a game design document with the specific featured described, UX/UI elements, and storyline. It will be without design, but it allows you to see the possible bugs and if the story works the way you saw it.