Animaam, Calabasa, and Mankitlak are the most effective automation tools that are compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. There is widespread use and scope of the term compatibility when it comes to application testing. It simply means the ability to survive together with something similar. Compatibility testing is quite common and is a type of test that assures the ability of an application to run on different operating systems, platforms, networks as well as hardware. When we call it instrument testing, hardware becomes a part of testing.

It tests features such as screen, applications, memory, camera, etc. It also comprises of R&D testing, factory testing, and certification testing. As a professional looking to get a career as a mobile test engineer, quality engineer, or similar job position, you must know the topic. You should be able to answer questions ranging from the definition of mobile testing to how to perform mobile testing and even more. Failure to have answers to these questions could cost you the job opportunity. If you seek to apply for a position that requires mobile testing knowledge, you don’t have to worry.

mobile qa interview questions

While cloud services have been sold as cost-saving solutions, the reality is that these services may be more expensive. The challenge may arise from the cost of the required talent, the migration process for the team’s mobile testing project. These are integration testing, unit testing, system testing, and operations testing.

Mention What Should Be The Selection Criteria For Test Automation Tools For Mobile Testing?

Our next blog post will share tips for passing an interview at EPAM Anywhere for Automation Engineers. As an interviewee fulfills a task, our interviewers ask QA questions designed to reveal the logic behind the candidate’s decisions. The goal of a Technical Interview is to confirm the candidate’s experience. Candidates sometimes forget to update their skill sets, for example, or may provide incomplete information on their CVs.

  • That means that when the app wants to use a feature like GPS, it has to ask the user for permission and explain why this permission is necessary.
  • Depending on what you have to debug, you will probably need to go deeper in your debugging experience.
  • Robolectric framework allows testers to run Android tests directly on JVM without a device or an emulator’s need.
  • This is a question that may be used to make sure you understand different scenarios and their requirements.
  • Risk analysis is actions taken to avoid bugs in a software development project that reduce the negative impact on the volume, quality, timeliness, or cost of the project.
  • It is very important to properly present the brand and formulate clear requirements for the candidate.

Also, automation testing cannot be used outside the framework. Documentation testing is the necessary preparatory stage of the mobile application testing process. As you can see testing on the real devices is the good decision, but also it has some limitations. You should overcome them to make mobile apps testing process real effective. An open source tool that is required for mobile web, automating Native and hybrid application on Android and IOS platform is known as Appium which was in 2012.

What Is Integration Testing? What Are Its Types?

Try to give some examples of whatever you have done in such situations in your company. This will help them to confirm that you are a genuine candidate who has a good work experience in testing profession. There are many methods available, such as a traceability matrix, to guarantee that requirements are linked to test cases. And when all of the test cases pass, that means the code satisfies the requirement.

mobile qa interview questions

The application type, which is defined by its business functionality (social networks, banking, education, ordering and delivery of food, tickets, the game industry etc.). Actually, testing begins before software development process. Testers get navigational charts, screen layouts, other requirements invisible on the design. These requirements are analyzed for completeness and inconsistency.

Intermediate Level Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Hybrid apps have worse performance than native apps, though. In simple terms, we check whether the application fulfills the expected function, which is usually described in the specification or dictated by business processes. Let’s begin this software testing interview questions with beginners level questions first. Using a client library you write your Appium tests which wrap your test steps and sends them to the Appium server over HTTP. We generally do regression testing of a relative module and mainly focus on the area which is related to the bug fixes as per the developer. This is because we cannot perform complete regression testing in a very short span of time.

This is intended to store small amounts of data, like user preferences or settings. It is logical to assume that if a user creates a contact, then he/she should be able to view, edit and delete it. Check how the application works on all generations of devices as 2G, 3G, and 4G. Installing the application should take place without significant errors if the device meets system requirements.

To help prepare and to get more software testing tips, sign up for The QA Lead Newsletter to put yourself at the top of the candidate list. While the quick answer to this is “no”, the intent of the question is much more important. Interviewers want to know that you can actually use standard testing tools. They may ask more than one question like this to make sure you know what you are doing.

mobile qa interview questions

This gives them the confidence that you are aware of the terminologies and topics related to software testing. Once you have registered for an exam, download the required programs and read over the checklist. Software for the online exams should be downloaded 48-hours before taking the exam to ensure you can get technical support if you need it. Equivalence class partitioning is a black-box testing technique based on specifications. Defect triage is a procedure in which defects are prioritised depending on a variety of characteristics such as severity, risk, and the amount of time it will take to fix the fault.

On The Other Hand, What Are The Drawbacks To Manual Testing?

This brings us to the end of this article on Top 50 Software Testing Interview Questions. This is a tricky question which the interviewer might present to you. He can provide a situation wherein there are 20 links in a web page, and we have to verify which of those 20 links are working and how many are not working .

A cause-effect graph testing technique is a black-box test design technique that uses a graphical representation of the input and output to construct the test. This method employs a variety of notations to describe AND, OR, NOT, and other relationships between the input and output conditions. Big Bang Integration Testing — After all of the modules have been merged, big bang integration testing begins. It is possible to detect more flaws in areas where defect levels have decreased using these methods. To create a completely new set of test cases to put various aspects of the software to the test.

Sometimes it is good to prepare different layouts for phones and tablets, or even portrait and landscape orientation. The same rule is true for Android phones; however, there are a greater number of possible scale factors on this platform. How to improve mobile QA practice The finished app is built into an IPA file, which has to be signed by some certificates. Xcode helps to do it all automatically using the Distribution Certificate and the Provisioning Profile, which connects the DC to the app ID.

Protect the application against attacks of the SQL injection type. Make sure the existing client-server configuration provides optimal performance. Check the application stability under conditions of a hard user load. Determine whether the application is running the same under different network conditions.

The apps are generally developed on simulators before the actual development takes place. As for some projects applying automated testing, Cloud computing may come with a pain point for every tester involved. Because mobile automation testing is image-based, executing test cases on Cloud computing would become more challenging and time-consuming. Moreover, automation testing cannot be used outside the framework. Finally, you have the prerelease full functionality version of your mobile app.

Explain Non Functional Testing

If an end-user discovers an issue with the software, it’s a failure. Verification evaluates the software at the development phase, ascertaining whether or not a product meets the expected requirements. On the other hand, validation evaluates the software after the development phase, making it sure it meets the requirements of the customer.

Graphics are less accustomed to operating systems than native apps. These apps are a way of exposing content from existing websites in an app format. They can be described as a mixture of web apps and native apps. They have many types depending on their characteristics such as physical dimensions, hardware and software capabilities, what they mean, and more.

Some objects might also have a state and the state machine behind some scenarios in your app can be large and articulated. For all these reasons you might experience problems when testing. For this purpose, you just need to install an advanced application or tool onto your mobile device and check the CPU usage right away.

Name A Few Testing Tools For Apple Devices Application Testing?

This is basically a procedure to simply test the same functionality on the other devices for understanding its behavior on the different platforms. It is commonly called the Instrumentation Test Runner and is basically a runner which is responsible for smoothly running the test case on an application package. The tools that offer API and the SDK tools are present in this runner and it is responsible for writing the programs that control the Android gadgets. Testing done on Android Testing Framework for emulators or device is difficult. Running and building test case sometimes takes lots of development effort. Robo-electric framework allows you to run Android test directly on JVM without the need of a device or an emulator.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to translate your tests into Selenium tests. When Appium is downloaded and installed, then a server is set up on a machine that exposes a REST API. There is not a fixed answer to this question and it will vary from person to person based on their previous work experiences. Make a list of the total number of resources required for testing. The working of an emulator is based on software and hardware both while working on a simulator is based on software only.