And all the Rock Shox trail forks are the same, 32mm stanchions – 15mm axle. I think that bigger diameter stanchions would make a bigger difference than the smaller axle on those forks. So if you want a 20mm axle, there you have the Fox 36, Lyric and 55. I think people should stop believeing that suddenly this new standard is going to put down to any pains connected with „the old” stuff. Oh this bike doesn’t have this or that – I want a „MODERN” bike. Sorry stiffness increase, better weight to strength ratios and all that stuff is just a small part of the puzzle that makes a product truly performance enhancing and reliable at the same time.

xtroptions price

And were within reason compared to similarly exotic competitors. The easier components are headset, cranks, bb, wheels/hubs, stems, seatpost clamps, and rear shocks. You can also source flat pedals from either Yoshimura or North Shore Billet. Now with Wolf Tooth assembling their seatposts in the US, you can at least get a US assembled seatpost, but the components are made overseas. I run revgrips that are made in the US, also. Of course there are competitors in the class…

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On DW-link’s the axle follows essentially the bottom half of a J letter shaped curve, where on say the Santa Cruz owned VPP patent the axle is following an S shaped path. I’ve been riding an M5.7 for the past year and I think it rocks. I built mine with a traditional 3×9 drivetrain, which I prefer since you don’t have to compromize on either end. I totaly disagree on the super strong derailleur hanger.

So if something goes wrong your mech and your hanger get destroyed, but you don’t need a new frame… Hangers are really just an idea, I think….lol I’ve ripped plenty of rear mechs off my bike, and i still have the original hanger in perfect condition on my bike… Finally, the bike is offered in both 2X and 3X XT or XTR drivetrains and on the SRAM bikes the new X/O and X-9 bikes come with a 24/38 gear combination which is a really sweet combination. Yeah it’s awesome to see RC in some great photos on a bike. In the magazines you never actually got to see him riding the bikes much. It’s hard to imagine him shredding that bike super hard, especially in the last pic.

That association is easy to make, I mean, the guy is a legend for one reason and it’s MBA. I don’t know how the magazines work, but at Pinkbike, the bike companies aren’t paying for reviews, adspace is paying for reviews, and all other content for that matter. I believe Pinkbike is about as unbiased as you can get.

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I agree they do a really good job here compared to most magazines. I mainly come here for the videos, photos, and and user generated TRs anyways. The lower link is perfectly in line with the chainstay. It’s virtually useless in that there is no mechanical advantage on it. This looks just like the Turner 5Spot in that it is essentially a single pivot design with extra complexity.

One bike I would like to see get reviewed is the banshee phantom v3.2, I figure the RSD isn’t too far off but I’ve been liking the look of the banshee frames these days, pretty sweet looking… I don’t know RC, and I never was an avid MBA reader, but to say that someone’s lifetime of experience is being bought out for a single bike review is ignorant. Read deeper into the article and listen to what the man is saying about desirable characteristics of all bicycles. It has taken him years to figure out what parts of the Mach 5.7 are worthy of mentioning. Readers should feel fortunate to have free content like this at their disposal.

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RC is reporting here about the value of the brand, what you get when you shell out the coin, and what works for HIM, and what doesn’t. RC reviewing a Santa Cruz V10 wouldn’t be entirely relevant, but a bike like the Mach 5.7 allows him to report based on years of his personal riding experience. Pinkbike sets up a reviewer with the type of bike that they would buy for themselves, for their geography, and for their riding style.

And to IanHylands, your photos are simply AMAZING and I feel much the same as you do in regard to a lot of the above comments. The result is a much smoother feel throughout xtroptions price the suspension travel with less ramp-up at the end-stroke. Pivot recommends that Mach 5.7 owners use the RP23 shock’s Propedal function when laying down serious power.

Right now I’d predict that will be as confident inspiring, but not as plush. Works perfectly, i used to pay 7% transaction fee with my previous processor so its nice to say bye to that! Seeming it was a yearly payment did not expect6 support to be so active.

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This bike was not previously reviewed in full is my point. Readily available, relatively new, and kickass bike in the category. I’d just like to go on the record as saying… I’m not 100% sure what downcountry is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a bike with 140mm fork and 65 degree headtube angle.

In this Field Test series, most of our test bikes are designed to pedal well, cover ground quickly, and not weigh a lot, but it’s always more interesting when you include a few outliers. That’s why we brought RSD’s aluminum Wildcat V3 to Quebec City, which sells for $3,999 USD, and Evil’s very black Following, both sitting on the sturdier side of the short-travel spectrum. If it gets 10/10 stars, readers expect that it’s an ad, or biased. The job is to find the best and worst things about the bike; where it shines, what is different about it than other bikes in the same category. These days it’s hard to differentiate between bikes since all run excellent suspension technology and have progressive geometry.

I understand the prices for bikes these days. However, I feel the economies are causing imbalances. They offer for the trail brake 203mm, 180mm and 160mm rotors. For the race 180mm, 160mm and 140mm rotors.

These look One step up from real gravel bikes so well done on picks. I thought that’s even light for a hardtail. My hardtail is cheaper than that but it may not be below 25lbs . That said, the fork was a 150mm travel fork which I lowered to 120mm but to my absolute horror didn’t get any lighter.

  • I don’t think there is anything inaccurate or overly glowing about this review.
  • Not much for diversity of rider sizes.
  • Added experimental payment spread function to the WooCommerce gateway, which helps webshops with 100s of sales per minute.
  • Why don’t you sell us on the virtues of RC, rather than hacking down readers who makes comments.

They do a really good job here vs a lot of the magazines. To be honest I only sometimes feel like their reviews are a bit biased and I honestly don’t mind that much. Its still content, content that I enjoy. What is it about this article that disappoints you? Out of curiosity, Im not looking to argue – Im sorry if I came off harsh there. Why do you not mind that a bike review reads like an ad?

Pivot Mach 5.7 Review

This proves that slacker geometry works better……everywhere. The term “downcountry” is likely to fade away now that even racers like Rissveds and Schurter have validated modern geometry for racing. Also it is insane all the comments of why didn’t you include this bike or that when it is clearly stated in the article how bikes are picked.

It’s pretty ironic that probably one of the best bikes in this category, the Pivot Trail 429, was never fully reviewed and was not included in this test. You guys did a first ride and then never a full review. The Spur is a purpose-built DC rig with modern geo. It suits my riding style and intentions. I can see how it may not suit all riders though.

I guess i shouldn’t complain as it is the only bike in the test that I could buy if I sold my car and used the cash to get a new bike. Sad that when I had no money i dreamt about owning the bike in the shop window, now that i have money i dream about a bike a mid range bike that I don’t spit out my coffee when I scroll down to the price. Where as a 4k xc bike is really going to struggle to compete with their 10k comparison. Yup, I feel like all of these bikes need to be compared to the Epic EVO, Spur and the Top Fuel. That RSD is pretty porky compared to the others but the geo looks fun. Might be able to shave off two or three pounds with a bling build.

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Fact is, all the trades like the Mach 5.7. Lather it in kashima, carbon and XTR, it’s hard to not score. I’ve always liked PB, Ty and Mike have even answered specific questions of mine personally but adding someone like RC who knows the MTB industry from infancy….priceless.

Its a dw-link with XTR……of course its nice, why the hell wouldn’t it be? He goes through the features and does a thorough job of it. I feel that just because RC comes from a magazine backround you fear what that might do to Pinkbike, but you wont even give it a chance.